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Menu Development

Menu development is essential to any facility whether you are adding a new item or creating a completely new menu. It not something you should leave to the inexperienced.

With more people becoming health conscious these days there is a demand for food that not only tastes great but provides more nutritious value

We specialise in cyclic menus for aged care facilities and work with operators to bring better nutritional balance to their menus without compromising the enjoyment, flavours and popularity of meals. This provides a superior experience for customers and residents, knowing they can eat at your venue and can also look after their health.

We ensure that menus offer daily choices over all provided meal services with non-repetitious variety over an extended period of 4-6 weeks (or longer if required), taking in to account the appropriateness for demographics, cooking methods, ingredients, flexibility, variety, and limitations of each facility.

Menus offered will meet nutritional and dietary guidelines and meet the social and cultural needs of residents, whilst providing food choices that encourage compatibility between both budgetary goals and food and nutrition targets


We specialise in creating menus that are balanced on a nutritional level, focused on seasonal produce and are full of flavours and textures

We can provide specific easy to follow recipes for all provided menus with graded quantities for catering volumes and that can be designed and tailored to highlight particular produce, ingredients, methods or flavours according to the goal of the client.

Resident menu for long life:

  • enjoyment
  • nutrition
  • fibre
  • variety
  • hydration
  • accredited best practice
  • satisfying


Auditing Food safety (Brisbane) can also provide full food service operational assessments and menu analysis to provide recommendations to enhance your facility’s operations and menu and discover best practices.